Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Catching Up (The Last 9 Weeks)

Since February 12th, my last update, I had a little setback in terms of mileage, from which I've recovered, and feel pretty good about where I am now. I raced once, at the April Fools' 4-Mile in Salisbury, where I came away with a win, albeit the slowest winning time in recent history (20:33.7). I had company most of the way from Nick DeSouza (in fivefingers) and CMS teammate Tim van Orden. My dad ran, too, and cooled down with TiVo, DQ, and me. That was nice. The new picture at the top of the page is from the Newburyport Daily News story the following Monday.

My weekly mileage since the last time I posted:

Week 7 (Feb. 12 - 18): 72.41
Week 8 (Feb. 19 - 25): 76.4
Week 9 (Feb. 26 - Mar. 3): 10.19 (six days off)
Week 10 (Mar. 4 - 10): 39.38
Week 11 (Mar. 11 - 17): 50.44
Week 12 (Mar. 18 - 24): 61.41
Week 13 (Mar. 25 - 31): 71.46
Week 14 (Apr. 1 - 7): 67.64
Week 15 (Apr. 8 - 14): 77.59

The rest of the details can be found on my log here. It's called "Coach's Running Log" because one of my former runners at Ipswich High School created the document a couple years ago, and I've gotten used to using it. If you're wondering about all the thank you's, look for an explanation here shortly. (It's there now, by clicking the tab marked "a piece of my Story".)

Hopefully, I'll get this week up soon. I've been mostly running once a day, although I did get two runs in today. I'm hoping for the grace to stay around 70-80 miles for the rest of the spring and run a few fast races at different distances. Maybe the 5000 at the first NBB Twilight meet.