Wednesday, July 22, 2015

for the sake of an update

God willing, the next time I update the blog, I'll be at four weeks of 40ish mpw, with 5 days of 40-45 minutes and a long run of an hour or more. For now, I'm about halfway to that type of volume and consistency.

And while I've always contended on this blog that some running (every day) is better than none, I continue to have more days off than days running. Fortunately, I've been somewhat more consistent with my PT - big shout out to Central Mass PT in W. Boylston, MA, and thanks to teammate Scott Leslie for connecting me with them - and I am feeling better. If not more like my old self, at least less like my self of the past three months.

Since my last update:

I had an enjoyable run up Mt. Washington in 1:20:15, which was good, given the limited training.

I ran a 5:10 road mile on a course that my best is only about 20-25 seconds faster (it turns and rolls).

Here's a picture from that:

And a few of my running family:
 Benjamin, trying to run down his friend, Matt in the final stages of the 8-and-under race.

Grace, in an awesome leopard shirt and running skirt, finishing her first race of the summer at the longer 8 and under (~600m) distance.

My lovely wife escorting our younger daughter, Emma, across the finish line of the 5 and under race (~ 300m).

On a side note, while my running continues to ebb and flow (mostly ebb), Heather has been running well. She ran 18:43 at the Louise Rossetti 5k in June for a new best at the distance, and will be looking to drag me along with her to a 10-Mile PR in Newburyport next week.