Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2013 Recap

One week into the new year already and almost three months since my last update and it's time to say something about the year that was.

2013 featured several competitive highs, including an almost-top-10 at Mt. Washington, a seriously satisfying showing at Cranmore for the US Mtn. Champs, and several lifetime fastest times (which isn't as hard when you don't start competing until your late-20's/early-30's) - 10,000m outdoor track, and 5k, 10k, 1/2 marathon and 30k on the roads, plus a Mt. Washington PR.

I raced 20 times in 2013, up from only 11 races in 2012, and that seemed to be a good move. Mileage was slightly down from the year before (2986 down from 3165) and way shy of the 3700 I ran in 2011.

Our home life continues to get crazier and crazier, with Emma, our youngest daughter at almost 20 months just starting to get in on the antics with Ben (7) and Grace (4 1/2). I have finally caved to the pressure to get Ben involved in organized town sports - since Kindergarten, classmates have been doing soccer, flag football, basketball, baseball, etc. - so I signed him up for Little League baseball, which is where it all got started for me. I didn't see a line on the registration to declare that his intent is to pursue a career as a professional endurance athlete, but that's probably good, because he doesn't even know that yet.

After a year and a half coaching three seasons (XC, indoor, outdoor) at DIII Gordon College I'm still convinced I've found my dream job. I have an amazing opportunity to work with some exceptional student-athletes who want to do what I love most to do. I also appreciate the freedom I have to train as a full-time coach. Especially during the cold months, being able to get out for an hour when the sun is at its highest is pretty sweet.

(That being said, it took finding out yesterday that JJ was back with CMS to get me entering my runs into my log again and shaking the dust off "run in such a way...")

So what's up for 2014?
I'd like to get in to the mountains some more, although my assistant coach is getting married on June 21, which is an unfortunate conflict. Maybe a snowshoe race someday, too.

I'm hoping to be in shape to run the best race of my life at Loon.

It would be nice to contribute at the Grand Prix for CMS a couple times.

A 2:25-2:26 marathon is a dream that I'd like to see come true some year soon...

Also, keeping the training and racing at a high level without sacrificing the other amazing blessings in my life.