a piece of my Story

In August of 2003, I had what I could best refer to as a "spiritual awakening". I was working part time in a health club, living back at home with my parents, 26 years old and not really motivated to do much, other than get together and play music with different friends in the hopes of becoming the next Pavement, Modest Mouse or At the Drive-in.

On one such occasion, I was despairing slightly of life, and asked my friend Judd why he kept at it (living). He replied with sincerity, that he believed that God had a plan for his life. That sounded interesting to me (probably mostly because I held Judd in high regard), but I had a few questions about who God was and how He could have orchestrated the writing of the Bible over so many years and Judd answered satisfactorily,

so I headed home (to my parents') and started reading the bible, specifically the Gospel of John.

It was like I had never heard it before, and maybe I hadn't.

I read about why Jesus came to earth (to save sinners, who are all of us) and why he had to die (there can be no forgiveness without the shedding of blood; somebody has to pay the price, and only he was perfect) and I couldn't believe that I had never understood before how important it all was.

Some changes happened in my life.

I started talking to people about what Jesus had done (for me and for them), and one such person was a co-worker at the health club, who I ended up marrying about a year later. Heather and I started getting together one afternoon a week to run in Gordon Woods and talk. I hadn't been running much, and she was in the middle of marathon training, so mostly I was huffing and puffing and then talking when we stopped. One afternoon run together a week soon became two, and we also started attending church together and making time to see each other when it was (and wasn't) convenient.

After I became a Christian, I was free to try and fail without fear, and that was manifest in new successes with my running, my work (I had previously been notorious for quitting jobs with no notice, not a popular practice among employers) and my relationships.

I've been living for about twelve years in a relationship with Jesus. What I mean by that is that I cherish Him (usually), and strive to put Him first (sometimes), and try to bring Him into the day-to-day experiences I'm having by talking to Him about it (often quite clumsily).

During the same time period I've experienced greater joys in my earthly life than I ever imagined. I married Heather and got to become a part of her family's godly legacy. I have seen members of my immediate family become followers of Christ. I have been blessed with four healthy children: Benjamin, Grace, Emma and Rebekah (at least one of whom I hope will run collegiately and/or professionally). With God's help, I have achieved greater (but still modest by most standards) successes with my running than I ever imagined.

In July 2012, I was given a tremendous opportunity to coach year-round (cross-country, indoor and outdoor track) at Gordon College, a Christian liberal arts college in Wenham, MA. I truly cherished having the chance to encourage student-athletes in their faith, their studies and their pursuit of athletic excellence. In August 2015, I left what I had once considered my "dream job" and returned to construction.

In July 2016, my dad and I started Marathon Home Care of New England, LLC, to serve seniors on the north shore in their homes.

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  1. i love you and I am thankful for the almost 8 years of marriage and look forward to the next 50:) You amaze and inspire me in the day-to-day life that we share...as you work, run and love (myself, the kids, and our gracious God). I never could have guessed that the one wonderful hour a week we shared almost 9 years ago could have multiplied a thousand fold.
    I love you.