Monday, February 10, 2014


Looking back over my running logs from the past few years, I realized that in my most consistent year of training, 2011, I kept things under control for the first few months of the year with consistent 50-60 mile weeks for Jan, Feb, Mar, and into April. The past two years, I've rushed it a little bit in the new year, especially last year, where I was in the 90's the second and third weeks of the year. In 2012 and 13, I struggled to keep consistent mileage through the early part of the spring, when I want to be out as much as possible, as the weather turns warmer, birds sing and flowers bloom, etc.

Partly out of deference to my training history, and partly because my plantar has been flaring up any time I go more than 12 miles, I've been trying a similar approach thus far in 2014.

After missing the first four days of the year (travel, snowstorm, laziness), I've been pretty consistent about getting out and getting some miles in. In the five weeks since then, I've been between 55 and 65 miles, with most running done at a 7ish minute pace, some slower, some a little faster. Mostly, I've been getting out with Nate H. from Gordon for 45 to an hour at lunch. The only workout-type effort came last Tuesday when I joined Jordan K. and Meagan N. for 3 x 3k at just under 6:00/mi. pace and 2 x 1k a little faster on the roads of Beverly and Manchester. With warmup and cooldown it was close to 14 miles and certainly the most significant mid-week work that I'd done in a while.

Looking ahead, I want to stay consistent through February and March, hopefully race New Bedford in the 1:10-1:12 range, and start getting a little regular speed work in when the track melts.

In other news, the Gordon College men and women are getting ready for indoor NE's in 2 weeks/gearing up for outdoors.

On the home front, Benjamin and I have just gotten started in Cub Scouts and he's getting ready for his first spring of little league!

We're also waiting to hear from North Star Lab Rescue about a foster dog!