Monday, April 28, 2014

get after monday

after two days off without a real reason
(admittedly i was a bit tired after the meet on saturday)
i got out with about an hour and felt pretty good
9 miles
607 (1220)
558 (1818)
557 (2415)
553 (3008)
559 (3607)
551 (4158)
552 (4750)
545 (5335)
out and back from gordon to just past lynch park

Week that was

8 on Tuesday at 6:34 pace;

9.6 at 6:58 pace on Wednesday;

Thursday: 10 @ 6:51 pace;

12 @ 6:38 Friday

no run Saturday or Sunday. Saturday hosted the CCC Championship outdoor meet at Gordon.

63 miles in 6 days for the week (ending Saturday)

Monday, April 21, 2014


just over 8 miles this morning in about 55:00, Garmin wasnt charged so I ran without a watch

stayed home and got inspired by all the performances at the Boston Marathon, from Meb and Rita and Shalane to Ian Nurse and the BAA guys and gals all running real well on a beautiful day

went in to work and did a rough 7.36 in 51:10, dragging.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Christ is risen!

He is risen indeed!

Easter Sunday, 2014.

Day one of what I am hoping will turn into a healthy and productive training season with some fast road races, an outdoor 5k PR (I've never run one) and Mtn. Champs at Loon.

Yesterday was day zero and I got in ten miles at around 6:20 pace after deciding I would not rest my plantar fasciitis any longer but try training to promote healing. I hadn't run since Wednesday and really hadn't improved much with two days off. It was also just my 3rd run in 11 days.

I just stayed on the roads and felt rested, as I should have, but kept the pace comfortable and tried my best to keep good form so I wouldn't compound the nagging injury in my foot.

This is what I need to do every day to get in competitive shape. Spent a little extra time stretching, leg draining and wearing shoes (no more bare feet for a bit). Felt like I need to be careful doing everything.

Today after church went out for a little over 8 at 6:30 pace.

Enjoyed my ipad on shuffle:
husker du - celebrated summer
local natives - wide eyes
steven curtis chapman - treasure of jesus
capn jazz - olerud
luka bloom - exploring the blue
david crowder band - the glory of it all
regina spektor - us
caPn jazz - in the clear
ffh - better is one day
caPn jazz - que suerte (for about thirty seconds i felt like i was running faster than i have run in a long time, during the second minute of this song - "grapevine twine and loose news noose sitting on your driveway twisting baited lines to drive me away")
tom petty - dont come around here no more
steven curtis chapman - please only you
u2 - invisible
rainer maria - soul singer


Friday, April 4, 2014

There was a time

when I would drag my feet at an opportunity to run with my wife. During the past couple years, when I have been training hard, i have sometimes wanted to have time with Heather, but also really wanted complete control of my workouts and be able to set my own pace. I normally would be running between 6:40 and 7:00 and Heather was probably more like 7:30-8:00.

Today, I jumped at the chance to get out with her, as my mom watched the girls and Ben was at school. We met on Grapevine Road, I was about 1.2 miles in, and she was almost to three miles. My first mile split was 7:22, and she came through 3 in just over 21:00. No need for me to worry about the pace. We locked up for about 3.5 together conversational at just over 7's. More than that we got a much needed 25 minutes to be together uninterrupted by the normal daily demands (which we love, but need an occasional break from).

Bottom line: no more missed opportunities to run with my wife.

Ended up adding on a little for 10 total in just under 71 minutes.

Yesterday - got in 8+ before work in 57:xx, then a mid-morning 5 and a half with Nate H. in 40 minutes.

Wednesday - spent almost an hour in Gordon/Chebacco/M-E woods, covering 6 miles, then hoofed it back 6 miles on the road in around 40 minutes.

Tuesday - on the track with Al V. for his 23rd B-day workout: 2 x tempo miles w/ 1:00 recoveries, then 4 x 800m w/ 400m easy recoveries; miles: 5:29/5:29; 800's: 2:28-high for all 4.

Monday - 10-mile loop from Gordon in 1:07

Last week:
50 miles in 5 days;
14 miles on Friday out and back to Ipswich at 5:35 pace;
1:31 in the woods on Wednesday for 8.75 miles (snow/ice/terrain kept the pace pretty slow)
4 x mile on the track on Tuesday with Aaron (5:20, 5:19, 5:15, 5:15)
10+ mile progression run from home on Monday (took the day off) - 6:38, 6:25, 6:19, 6:14, 6:08, 6:04, 5:58, 5:47, 5:40, 5:26, 1:02 for last .19