Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter run with Heather

After Church and Easter dinner, went out for just over 7 miles with my wife on the roads of Hamilton. We held 7:20's for the loop and got some uninterrupted conversation while my parents kept on eye on our three kids at their house. Great day after a good day yesterday! Christ is risen!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

April Fools' 4-Mile

Left the house around 9:30 am to head up to Salisbury with Heather for the 32nd edition of the April Fools' 4-Mile. Last year, I won with one of the slowest winning times, in 20:34. This year, I was determined to push the whole thing, whether or not there was anyone around, and wondered if some of the sub-20:00 crew would show up.

Heather and I warmed up on the first mile of the course, then did some drills (which I have been avoiding like the plague lately). Saw Scott McGrath and Jose Ortiz from Whirlaway at the start and exchanged greetings. Went out at the gun, hoping to stay sub-5:00 as long as I could. Looking at the Garmin (which usually measures a little quick), I was right around 4:50 for the first mile, and ended up going through in 4:55. I could hear footsteps all the way to mile 2 (9:58), and thought it was Jose, but found out afterwards it was actually Scott.

Tried to relax coming out of the neighborhood where the halfway hairpin turnaround is (the only slow part of the course) and went through 3 in 15:09. I knew I had about 40m on second, according to one of the runners coming toward me before we made the turn back onto Rabbit Rd. about .7 from the finish. Tried to press my advantage, but didn't have another gear, until maybe the last quarter mile, when I was able to get the legs moving a little faster and get through the finish in 20:11.8 (chip and net time). Scott was right there in 20:19 and Jose not far behind him in 20:30.

Cooled down with Scott and Jose on the rail trail then back to the Winner's Circle for refreshments and awards. Took home $100 for first, and Heather earned $50 for her third place women's finish. She came home strong; when I passed her at the turnaround, she was 6th. My dad was first 65-69 and continues to inspire. Rode home with my dad because Heather had to bail early to get back to take care of our littlest one, Emma (10 months).



Friday, March 29, 2013

some Spring/Summer/Fall Goals

run 3-4 GP road events (Hollis, Carver, Lone Gull, Nahant?, Manchester?)

get up the mountain in under 1:10

run a 10,000m PR at the NBB Twilight meet

hike some 4000 fters. in NH, ME and NY

Friday, March 29, 2013

6 miles with my wife day before the 4-mile in Salisbury. Sore throat and cough this week, which should be just about gone for the race tomorrow.

Yesterday did 6.5 mostly in Gordon Woods. Trying to map out a different home xc course for this fall, since we have been using the former with a treacherous paved hill. When the road is wet, and people are running up and down it at the same time it is pretty bad. I have a couple new sections of trail that I'd like to include, but it would also involve a little more running on pavement at the start and finish...good thing it's only March and I have a few months to explore the woods some more while researching/training. Finished off with 6 x 100m strides on the track.

Wednesday ran just under 9 with Nate Hausman at 6:52 pace. Roads of Wenham and Beverly. Stopped at NE Running Company for a cold cup of water at about 5 miles in.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

4 x mile

2.3 mile warmup from the bennett center up to the Gordon College track (2 miles on the track); 4 x 1-mile, trying to stay under 5:00, long recoveries (1200m) but kept those under 5:00, too (sub-6:40 pace). 4:58/4:57/4:58/4:57. 2.3 mile cooldown. A little windy, but otherwise a beautiful day to be out, alive and running. Hoping for sub 5:10's for 4 this Saturday at Salisbury.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

love march

snow, rain, wind, clouds, sunshine

all in one hour of running

good effort yesterday with 2 x 2mile in 9:57/10:07

gearing up for the salisbury april fools four mile in a few weeks