Sunday, November 20, 2011

October 23-29, 2011 (week before the marathon)

Week Total: 57.17

Saturday - 4.02

6:29 PM - ran around in the rain and wind from shoreway acres hotel in falmouth w/ dad and heather the night before the marathon; cold and soaking and not at all promising for tomorrow morning (36:49)

Friday - 5.5

4:20 PM (after short practice - CAL's tomorrow!) - 22 + laps on the track at 7:00-7:30 pace; nice and easy, just keeping the legs moving the next couple days (40:43)

Thursday - 7.42

2:06 PM - cutler loop from Pingree Park early after rainy indoor day of work and no practice; went down to marathon sports w/ heather, benjamin and grace and picked up adios - will I run the marathon in them? (48:33)

Wednesday - 8.09

ran at practice including 2 miles at marathon pace (5:45/5:36), then ran a little after practice to get 8 miles for the day (58:44)

Tuesday - 10.38

5:00 AM - out and back on morning loop (6.02/44:57)

PM - 4.36/35:52 at georgetown at beautiful georgetown-rowley state forest during hw-georgetown meet

Monday - 6.75

5:04 PM (after practice) - out rock maple cutler to highland to goodhue left on waldingfield back up highland but forgot i wasn't running home so i ran past cutler then turned around and went back cutler rock maple to school (46:01)

Sunday - 15.01

1:07 PM - out and back from home - asbury ave to highland to goodhue to waldingfield to 1a to lakeman's to fellows to candlewood to chebacco to belcher to 7.5 mi. then turned around and back (miles: 6:37/6:13/6:26/6:35/6:27/6:18/6:09/6:10/6:05/6:00/5:45/5:46/5:35/5:40/5:32) - felt good, felt hard to run sub-marathon pace at the end (15.01/1:31:21)

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