Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Since New Bedford

I was pleased, but not ecstatic with my race at New Bedford, but, more than anything I was charged up (by seeing so many people run so well) to train some more and not rest on my laurels until I become a master. With the big day (19+ miles) to start off last week, I looked to stretch my weekly training and wound with 68 miles in 6 days. (No run Saturday with first outdoor meet of the season at Wesleyan.) Thursday did 4 x mile on the track w/ my assistant coach (and recent CMS recruit) Aaron Baldwin. I had a much easier time staying at or under 5:20's. (5:20, 5:16, 5:13, 5:12 w/ 2:30 recoveries) Felt pretty good four days after a hard effort at the half.

I also took this Sunday off, feeling slightly guilty for making my race such a big priority the Sunday before. Yesterday, I took off from work and went out for a ten-mile progression run and felt great. 6:38; 6:25; 6:19; 6:14; 6:08; 6:04; 5:58; 5:47; 5:40; 5:26 (+ 1:02 for the last .19). I normally have a pretty hard time getting under 5:40 on a training run, so to drop a 5:26 tenth mile is nice for me.

If it ever warms up, I will start trying to double with more am runs before work, a la 2011. Back then I was starting work at 7 or 730, so I really had to get out early. Now I am not in until 830 or 9, so there is no excuse.

I also really appreciated the article in the most recent Running Times on strength training for distance runners and will look to incorporate a bit more of that (which I've lost since I stopped construction) in the coming weeks. You can see the workouts here.

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