Thursday, September 15, 2011

60 Quarters

Today I took a shot at a workout on the track with a little more relaxed approach than my last couple attempts. I made sure I had time to get ready (thanks, Heather) and think through what I was going to try to do and then run relaxed the whole time.

No, I didn't run 60 400's on the track, in some vain attempt to prove myself capable of completing the mythical miler's workout.

But I did run over 15 miles today, so in a sense I ran 60 quarters.

And 60 quarters approximates the amount of money in my wallet and car ashtray.

On to the actual workout:

Goal: 3 x 2-mile (5:20 or faster) w/ 400m recoveries (~2:00)

Result: 5:06/5:08 (10:14); 5:09/5:08 (10:17); 5:10/5:08 (10:18)

Felt good - the cooler weather prevailing helped out. I think the 3 x 1000 I did Tuesday afternoon (which was a workout cut short because I was short on time) helped me get used to running a little faster than I have been and so I was able to come back today and 77's and 78's didn't feel so foreign. All the tempo stuff at 80 second laps was making me feel like I couldn't go any faster (not that 78 is way faster, but it finally felt possible to maintain 5:10's for a whole workout).

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