Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 4-10, 2011

Week Total: 90.72 (backed it off a little for Joe)

Saturday - 9.14

5:40 AM - morning loop plus airport rd/sam fonzo/conant st loop (9.14/1:02:54)

Friday - 14.78

PM - ran at practice with boys' team - some decently fast pickups on trails at Appleton Farms, ran easy ~.5 mile between reps (8.78/1:02:58)

5:31 AM - out and back on morning loop (6.00/45:52)

Thursday - 13.26

PM - wanted to do 5 x mile on the track, but ended up doing it on the road with the Garmin - just over 9 miles w/ 5 x mile @ 5:15/5:10/5:14/5:13/5:21 w/ 1:00 recoveries (9.13/56:39)

5:40 AM - easy out and back on morning loop (4.13/33:20)

Wednesday - 14.03

1:11 PM - same out and back, quicker (7.05/44:17)

5:24 AM - out and back on morning loop (6.98/52:57)

Tuesday - 10.49

PM - out and back on morning loop again; 6 x 20-30s strides (5.46/38:46)

AM - out and back on morning loop very easy (5.03/40:36)

Monday - 18.82

8:30 AM - a little under 2 miles warmup on 25k course - saw AJ Migonis and Scott Leslie; led start to finish - under 5:30 pace for first 5 miles, then ran in the 5:30's and 5:40's the rest of the way - definitely slowed when I learned what a big lead I had - ended up averaging 5:40 pace for 15.53 (1:28:03); little under a mile and a half cooldown on the old middle school track. Joe Shairs and Jim Pawlicki rode by on the bike a couple times and my dad (after he ran the attendant run the goose 7k). Also, Matt Curran relieved me of my Native sunglasses and CMS singlet when they became to burdensome in the heat. (Last year, I ditched my CMS singlet at about 2 miles and when I went back afterwards to pick it up, it was gone.)
After the race, Joe advised me to take it easy before I get hurt. I have been feeling great with the greater mileage, but haven't seen much improvement in terms of race times, although the last two races I ran have been pretty hot days.

Sunday - 10.2

noon - historic run in Bradley Palmer w/ Heather, my Dad and both my younger brothers, Adam and Alex - did a little over 4 miles in about 40 minutes on the trails

early AM - out and back on morning loop (6.01/44:31) - very humid and uncomfortable

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