Monday, December 24, 2012

Monday, December 24, 2012 (Christmas Eve)

Children are nestled snug in their beds, stockings are hung, presents are wrapped...

Did 9.64 in 58:02 today. (After no run yesterday, travelling home from NJ), started out in 6:46, then 6:24, 6:18, 6:13, 6:01, 5:56, 5:46, 5:38, 5:36; 3:24 for last .64. (a nearly Navas-like second half)

Had a nice (almost) 15-miler, very hilly, with Heather's brother Andrew on Saturday afternoon in NJ.

12 on Friday first day there. Heather's parents love on the middle of a huge hill or small mountain. Left at the end of their driveway is about a .9 mi. climb; right takes you down for about a mile.

Thursday morning I did 7 before work; we left for New Jersey at noon.

Last week (Sunday-Saturday) I was around 75 miles for the week, which is my highest week in a couple months, I think.

Not sure about the mini-meet this Saturday or maybe a race on New Year's Day.

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