Thursday, August 15, 2013


met up with Greg K. Wed. pm for some 400's even though he wasn't really that excited about running on the track. Warmed up with 2 and a half miles in the woods, then headed to the track while field hockey camp was going on.

First one was a 68, then a 72 and a 71 which were the two slowest, after that we kept them all between 66 and 69. Greg did the first 6 with me, then ran the last 200 of the last 4 or 5. Ended up doing 13, with full lap recoveries, walking the first 100+m, then jogging the rest. Cooled down a little over 2 miles.

With the morning anniversary run, ended up getting close to 20 miles for the day.

My left heel is feeling a little plantastic (I mean fasciistic); anyway, it hurts. Easy today in the heavily cushioned pegasus.

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