Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"12 and change"; what was I thinking?

Since Loon, I haven't really felt able to go fast, but I have gotten back into consistent decent daily mileage fairly quickly.

Monday after the race we headed home after a nice family hike into Sabbaday Falls off the Kanc, which even 2-year-old Emma enjoyed. I had time/energy for 7 miles in 47 minutes on the roads when we got back to Hamilton.

Tuesday I bumped it right back up to "12 and change", which has been the theme for the past week.

Thursday I was pleasantly surprised to be joined by Scott McGrath (in throwback CMS singlet) and we had a great 14 miles spent on the trails (for about 4) and the roads around Gordon. Furthermore, Scott convinced me that it would be in my best interest as an aging distance runner to undertake some intentional core/hip strength and mobility work. I did about 10 lunges and was sore for three-four days.

Ended up with 80 miles for the week.

Sunday's 9-mile run on the roads was one of the most miserable in recent memory. Ben and I had spent the night before at Lonetree Scout camp in Kingston, NH and were up early after a hot night in the tent which wasn't real restful. It was hot on Sunday, but no hotter than any other day recently and I STRUGGLED home. For the last 3-4 miles I felt like my insides were going to end up on the pavement and I barely made it home. Made sure to refuel with some highly processed foods (mac + cheese, hotdogs, fruit snacks) to help digestion happen easier.

The unlikely dietary choices seemed to help (I think my nitrite levels were low) and I was feeling much better yesterday for another 12 on the roads with Scott. We ran from Gordon through Centerville (Beverly) and out to 127 by Endicott College and the Atlantic Ocean. Followed 127 thru Bev Farms to West Beach where we turned around. Pace was 6:35/mi. which is a little slower than Scott usually runs, but I made him go a little farther than he has been, so it worked out for both of us ok, I think. Followed the run with some lunges, planks and hip raises, under the close guidance of Coach Scott.

Today, I did 13 on the roads with a little excursion into Appleton Farms before turning around. Just over 7:00/mi. for the whole thing.

I signed up for Saturday's Bear Brook Trail Marathon in Allenstown, NH, even though I haven't run more than 16 miles this year. It should be interesting; I've never run a marathon without a long, specific build-up. This will also be (by far) the longest trail race I've ever done, so it might make for an interesting race report early next week. Stay tuned.

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