Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Getting to Loon

Finished out June with 10 miles on Sunday and 14 on Monday, giving me 368.92 (Garmin) miles for the month, the most I've run since last July and 6th highest monthly total ever (or at least since I started keeping track).

Monday it got hot here and has stayed pretty warm the past couple days, getting close to 90 on my midday runs. I think Monday was the most uncomfortable, but I've been coming back to my office looking like I just got out of a swimming pool each of the last three days. It's fun putting my shirt, socks and shorts in the bathing suit extractor in the locker room here and seeing the sweat pour out the bottom of the machine.

My recovery drink of choice this week has been orange Sunkist.

Yesterday (Tuesday) I went into the woods, and scrambled just over 12 miles in 1:46. Started out pretty easy with the heat, but worked the last two-thirds pretty well to keep the miles under 10:00. This out and back was pretty good Cranmore prep last year, so I'm hoping I am ready for the 7-mile grind at Loon. I'm actually more nervous about how much distance the younger guys will put on me on the relatively fast lower sections.

Today I got out a little earlier (10:40 am) in the hopes of beating the heat, but it was not to be. Ran from Gordon out past our rival Endicott College and enjoyed the cooling ocean breeze for about 1/2 mile of the 12 I was out there. Just under 6:30's pretty comfortably. I'm getting accustomed to the heat, but still excited that it looks to be much cooler on Sunday at Loon, at least at the start.

Plan for the next three days:
10 tomorrow;
8 Friday (with possibility for a short PM run?)
6-7 Saturday before heading up to Lincoln

Hopefully that's enough of a taper to leave me feeling fresh for Sunday.


  1. Make sure you have extra room for the two medals you are going to for top 10 individual at a US Championship and one for our team podium finish.

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence, JJ! I think the second of those medals is likely.