Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Another 3 weeks

4 pretty long runs, with 3 x 16-miles on the roads (since my last update) and a 2:38 effort in the woods that was about 14 and a half. I feel like I am prepping for a marathon or longer, so I guess I am. There's a 50k in Springfield on the roads on December 13.

I did one workout on the track:
3 x (2k/1k/500m) @ ~6:40/3:10/1:30 on October 7th that took some extra guts to get through the third set.

Weekly mileage:
64.6 (9/28-10/4)
68.7 (10/5-11)
48.4 (10/12-18)
36.9 this week thru Wed.

Other news:
spent a weekend (10/11-12) camping up near Crawford Notch after hiking Middle Sugarloaf with my Discovery class from Gordon. Cool overnight in the mid-30's.

Trying to collaborate on some musical projects with my two younger brothers:
the nix
Eventually, some of the sounds we are making will make it onto the blog. That way I don't have to annoy Joe with non-running related posts here.

Giving some serious thought to what the 39th year of my life will look like as a runner, etc. Snowshoe nationals? More mountains. Track? Roads. Running with great dudes all over New England hopefully.

Recently confessed a mid-life crisis to my wife, who responded by saying she hoped I lived to be older than 76. I consoled her by telling her that I expect the crisis to last ten years.

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