Friday, November 7, 2014

The latest

October 23 - 25:

Thurs. 10/23 - 12 on the roads at ~7:00/mi.

Fri. 10/24 - 16 x 400m w/ some loooooong recoveries, until I was "joined" (he was at 65, ahead of me) by Chris Blondin for my last 3, for which I kept the recoveries at 2'; started with a couple 71's, then ended up averaging 67.5 for the full 16; fastest 3 were 65-66; 4-mile warmup; 4-mile cool down (this workout took forever)

Sat. 10/25 - first weekend run in a few weeks; just a quick seven miles at 6:26 pace on the roads
(68 miles for the week on 6 days of running)

October 26 - November 1:

Mon. 10/27 - 6 miles (seminary loop) with Nate H. at 6:52 pace; beautiful fall day!

Tues. 10/28 - 6+ miles with Nate in the woods

Wed. 10/29 - seminary loop with Nate in the am in 40:16; 4 EASY miles in the woods in the afternoon

That was it for the week, or should I say "weak", with meet preparations consuming the rest of my life Thurs., Fri., Sat.

(22.5 total on 3 days of running, 4 runs)

November 2 - Present:

Sun. 11/2 - so awesome, run in vt w/ Josh Ferenc, Greg Hammett, Eric MacKnight and Josh's "girls", Lena and Ellie; just about an hour from Josh's up to the Pinnacle Outlook - took a look at the snow on Sugarbush, Stratton and Mt. Snow, had a salted caramel Gu, courtesy of Josh, headed back to another beautiful outlook, "knife edge", etc. We estimated 14 miles in just over two hours - Lena must have run twice that distance off in the woods, running ahead. Great start to the week with great guys. Enjoyed a couple Long Trails back at the Ferenc homestead with surprise (to me, at least) guest, Justin Fyffe. Looking forward to my next opportunity to get WILD with this crew.

Mon. 11/3 - 5.6 @ 6:58 pace, Grover St. loop with Nate

Tues. 11/4 - 12 @ 6:47 pace, out and back from Gordon in new Mizuno Wave Riders; had to stop and massage right foot which isn't used to the stiff Mizuno feel; this is my first pair of Mizunos ever

Wed. 11/5 - 18 miles @ 6:30 pace; just kind of went for it in the early afternoon - 20:36 (6:52/mi.) for the first 3; 27:04 (6:46/mi.) for the next 4; 32:35 (6:31/mi.) for the next 5; ~37:00 (6:10/mi.) for the last 6+; felt good to go long, equalled my longest road run this year (July 25)

Thurs. 11/6 - 7.6 in 51:50 w/ Nate on the roads, grapevine to end, 127 to bennett in Manchester, then back pine to Gordon woods; 5.6 in 41:00 in the rain at practice with the team

Fri. 11/7 - almost 6 in just under an hour with Greg K. in Gordon and Manchester-Essex Woods; a little over 4 at practice with 6 fast, long striders on the grass that felt good.

(72.8 in 6 days so far this week - best week in a couple months)

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