Thursday, February 12, 2015

waiting for the great melt forwards (January 29 - February 11, 2015)

As of my last post two weeks ago, we had received our first significant snow of the season, and since then we have had a couple more good sized snowstorms which means that it has been difficult to get out on the roads (at least during and immediately following), but I've been taking what I can get with some bright spots along the way.

I'm still preparing for Caumsett and had an encouraging run-through of the "Rothlin" run that I learned about on Nate Jenkins' blog. Nate's blog has been an incredible resource for marathon/50k workouts that I would never have attempted before. I've had to slow the times down quite a bit from what he would run them at obviously, but the volume has brought me to places I've never been before in a workout in terms of dealing with discomfort. I'm guessing that is good going into a 50k with ambitious goals.

I also just signed up for Mt. Washington this morning after missing it last year and vowing never to do so again as long as it is in my power to be there. Thanks to Paul K. for giving me an opportunity to get back there this year based on my 2013 performance!

The nuts and bolts for the last two weeks:

Thursday, January 29
1:18 pm - 5 miles with Nate H., 5 more on my own (10.03/1:10:13); 
3:11 pm - out and back at practice (6.55/46:00)

Friday, January 30
18.67 in 1:58:50 from Gordon at 12:35 pm
(first North Shore Beer Co-Op in Gloucester)

Saturday, January 31
(first "triple" of the year, with obvious tip of the cap to DD, whose blog informed me that "triples" are a thing)
5:44 am - in snowstorm, in yak trax, 600m loop in asbury grove 14x (5.14/41:35)
10:18 am - in Gorham, ME before USM track meet, sliding around (w/ yak trax) (3.9/30:10)
2:12 pm - b/w men's and women's meets at USM, no yak trax (6.55/47:58)

Week Total: 89 miles

Sunday, February 1
after church, met up with the Tingers (Brian and Mariah of SRR) for a fun "relay" - Mariah ran to our house from their house, picked up Heather who ran from our house back to T's, then Brian ran back to our house with Heather, then Brian and I ran back to Tingers, then I ran home solo; the whole operation took about 2.5 hours and we all got about 10 miles in without leaving any of our 5 small children unattended (10.52 in 1:13:29)
(then enjoyed the pats victory in Super Bowl 49)

Monday, February 2
during second snowstorm, ran on the treadmill at night while watching lcd sound system's "shut up and play the hits"; I could barely hear it, but it was ok (15.45/1:43:22 - my longest treadmill run ever, I think)

Tuesday, February 3
12:52 pm - out and back on snow-narrowed roads from Gordon (15.74/1:40:15) on what I deemed the safest route and have stuck to quite a few days since

Wednesday, February 4
14.92 in 1:37:51 out and back on same route

Thursday, February 5
18.71 in 2:04:00 on a different route

Friday, Fenruary 6
15.54 in 1:38:57 back to Tues./Wed. route; threw in a few short pickups, including 4 x 1k

Saturday, February 7
"The Rothlin" (see above)
Goal = 20+ miles at 80% of marathon pace (~6:45/mi.) + 10 x 1k @ half-marathon to marathon pace (~5:20-5:40/mi. or 3:20-3:32/km)
10-mile (10.26) loop with Heather @ 6:57/mi.
10-mile loop solo @ 6:29/mi.
(total: 33k (just over 20 miles) @ 6:43/mi.)
10 x 1k: 3:22, 3:16, 3:21, 3:19, 3:19, 3:23, 3:27, 3:34, 3:40, 3:40 - last 3 were brutally tough with increasing tunnel vision
staggered home the last 1k plus at 8-9 min. pace
30.34 miles in 3:16:52

Week Total: 121 miles

Sunday, February 8
another snowstorm; 9.05 miles in 1:01:15 on the treadmill

Monday, February 9
10.29 miles in 1:10:13 on the treadmill

Tuesday, February 10
back to the unfriendly roads - out and back from Gordon (14.94 miles in 1:43:16) on the same route as last tues., wed., fri.

Wednesday, February 11
drove to Ipswich to run out and back along Rte. 133 which had a wide shoulder (most of the way) to Gloucester and back (14.97 in 1:42:23)


  1. ....'the nuts and bolts for the last two weeks'.... that's 'nuts' alright ;). What is your goal for Caumsett? I hope faster than 3:05:37 ;).

  2. Thanks, Jim! My "A" Goal, where the "A" stands for "Absolutely Unrealistic and Blindly Ignorant of What Racing a Road 50k is like", is 3:00:00. My "B" Goal is 3:05:36 - right back at you ;)

  3. haha! you will be much closer to that 3hrs or under I have a feeling... IF you want to know how NOT to race that race, see my blog entry :)...

  4. I went back and read your blog entry from Caumsett recently - I hope I can write a report that interesting and recall the later miles as well as you did. :) Also - Ferenc will have to verify - but I'm pretty sure his JJ impression - that I got to hear from him this summer - originated from the 2011 Caumsett 50k and conversations between the two of you at the turnaround. Is the hairpin as bad as it looks on the map?

  5. I would say for sure you could run either just under 3 or right around 3 as I guess (in going back and looking after reading that entry) I wasn't doing nearly the miles you have been doing and the miles I was doing were a lot slower on average. I also missed some time and had a little bit of a health issue in the months leading just south of 6 min pace off of that for me should translate to much faster for you I'd say. You are in beast-mode right now and you've already done essentially a 50k on the road so you know... The key is (because the course is so uniform and each 5k is the same) to pick your 5k goal time per lap and just stick to that without going crazy early. If you try to run even remotely close to even splits (as difficult as that could be), that will ultimately be the key. I hope your wife live-tweets your laps from the finish line! ;)

  6. Heather doesn't have a twitter account, but I could probably dust off mine for that purpose, if you're interested. She is going to be looking for something to do for ~3 hours while I'm running loops. :) I know 18:00/5k is going to be unlikely for the last (maybe last couple) lap(s), but 17:45 will probably feel ok for the first 5 or 6 at least. Probably don't want to be any faster than that early on.