Thursday, January 29, 2015

January 20-28 (no snow, snow)

Tuesday, January 20

18.1 in 1:57:33; big loop on roads from Gordon through Beverly, along the ocean to Manchester, back through Essex, up Apple St to Hamilton and Wenham

Wednesday, January 21

8+ in 55:17 with Nate H. at lunch on the roads;
"10k" in 43:07 at practice with the team with a few short pickups on the roads

Thursday, January 22

Take 2: 20k of 1k alternations
"On" k's avg. 3:17/k; "Off/Recovery" k's avg. 3:47/k
This was 2 seconds faster per "on" k and 15 seconds faster per "off" k from two weeks ago.
Very encouraging!

Friday, January 23

Feeling encouraged from previous day's workout went out for 23 in 2:29:15. Another great day, but feeling it, plus the effects of the heavy last few weeks afterwards in the right calf/achilles.

Saturday, January 24

early morning, before snow started, got out and it started snowing about 10 minutes in. 6.62 miles in 52:23;
after our meet got cancelled, did my first snowshoe run of the winter down at Patton Park, running 1.5k loops (5.53 mi./46:39)

Week Total: 114.82 miles

Sunday, January 25

after church, 10-mile route home on partially snow-covered roads, forgot my watch and almost started crying; realized there was a problem, gritted my teeth and ran home ~70 min.

Monday, January 26

with the impending historically epic blizzard of 2015 bearing down on us, I decided I better get some miles because I didn't know what the rest of the week would hold - 6.1 with Nate in 41:57; an hour later - 9.34 in 1:02:53 solo

Tuesday, January 27

the blizzard; tried running a little in my yak traks around the neighborhood in the teeth of the thing, did about 7 minutes sliding around, transitioned to shoveling, then did another 9 minutes and some more shoveling and some more shoveling. Just under two miles to keep the legs moving, and they needed some recovery.

Wednesday, January 28

the snow had pretty much ended by the time I got up, but the roads were in no condition to run on. Spent the day cleaning up the driveway, shoveling the roof and having a lot of fun in the snow with the kids, Heather and Bear (the dog). Some great resistance work trying to out run the 90-pound beast in 30" of fresh snow before he inevitably tackled me.
got on the treadmill after the kids were in bed and bungeed the iPad over the display. Got caught up in "Color Me Obsessed" Replacements documentary and ended up doing a little over 11 miles in 77 minutes.

Today: get on the roads, which are still not great before and during practice.

Also, I finally signed up for Caumsett 50k today, knowing that Heather's parents will be able to watch the kids so we can make a weekend of it.


  1. Wow! You are killing it! I'm excited to see your result at Caumsett. Sub 3 for-the-win seems possible! Inspiring!!!

  2. Thanks, Greg! This week with some weather has been a bit of a break in the training, but sometimes those are ok even the midst of race prep. (Just have to keep telling myself that.) After Caumsett my two big running goals for the year are run well at Mt. Washington and take on a Pemi and/or Presidential loop! Hope you are around when the time comes!

  3. You'd better give me an hour headstart! I've got some work to do to run a Pemi or Presi with you!