Sunday, January 29, 2012

2012 Week 4 (January 22-28)

Week Total: 76.96

Saturday - 20

2:57 PM - long cool down/recovery - out of grove down highland toward ipswich, goodhue, waldingfield, 1a north, lakemans, fellows, candlewood, chebacco/choate, belcher, story, western, martin/essex (22)/larch row, 1a south, highland, asbury, skinner, home - saw dave sawyer in downtown wenham and stopped to talk for a minute (16.37/1:53:56) - 6:57/mi.

10:15 AM - short warmup, part w/ greggers on bu track, few strides, then 5k on track in 15:14.12 (59th/114) Link to flotrack video of race

Friday - 4.22

2:28 PM - long wharf loop w/ zach and vicente before jv meet (31:46)

Thursday - 10.12

3:06 PM - ran out pineswamp and back, then repeated after a short trip inside (1:12:28)

Wednesday - 10.26

3:18 PM- great run out to the neck w/ jimmy, casey, mike r, and zach, then zach, mike, casey and I continued up to the water tower and down bunker hill past greggy's and back jeffreys neck all the way to school, except for a slight talking to I had to give some middle schoolers (1:13:18)

Tuesday - 14

3:06 PM - 2 mile warmup on track (14:10); 3 x (4 x 400) w/ 200m recoveries, then 400m recovery after every 4 (1:11.5/1:11.9/1:11.2/1:10.9; 1:12.6/1:11.8/1:12.8/1:14.3; 1:12.3/1:12.5/1:12.7/1:10.1); 2-mile cooldown (14:13) total: 8.7/59:10

5:06 AM - out and back on morning loop (5.33/41:51)

Monday - 12.3

3:06 PM - out and back from IHS, started out 7:40's with a few kids, dropped down to 6:40's before turn around, couple 6:20's and a 6-flat on the way back (1:22:49)

Sunday - 6.03

11:00 AM - ran up burnt mtn (maine) for the second day in a row while staying up at my parents' condo at sugarloaf; made it up in about 38 min. (took 40 min. on saturday afternoon), and I spent a little more time looking for the trail going down the other side, but it was hard to find any markings with the snow cover

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