Sunday, April 20, 2014

Christ is risen!

He is risen indeed!

Easter Sunday, 2014.

Day one of what I am hoping will turn into a healthy and productive training season with some fast road races, an outdoor 5k PR (I've never run one) and Mtn. Champs at Loon.

Yesterday was day zero and I got in ten miles at around 6:20 pace after deciding I would not rest my plantar fasciitis any longer but try training to promote healing. I hadn't run since Wednesday and really hadn't improved much with two days off. It was also just my 3rd run in 11 days.

I just stayed on the roads and felt rested, as I should have, but kept the pace comfortable and tried my best to keep good form so I wouldn't compound the nagging injury in my foot.

This is what I need to do every day to get in competitive shape. Spent a little extra time stretching, leg draining and wearing shoes (no more bare feet for a bit). Felt like I need to be careful doing everything.

Today after church went out for a little over 8 at 6:30 pace.

Enjoyed my ipad on shuffle:
husker du - celebrated summer
local natives - wide eyes
steven curtis chapman - treasure of jesus
capn jazz - olerud
luka bloom - exploring the blue
david crowder band - the glory of it all
regina spektor - us
caPn jazz - in the clear
ffh - better is one day
caPn jazz - que suerte (for about thirty seconds i felt like i was running faster than i have run in a long time, during the second minute of this song - "grapevine twine and loose news noose sitting on your driveway twisting baited lines to drive me away")
tom petty - dont come around here no more
steven curtis chapman - please only you
u2 - invisible
rainer maria - soul singer


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