Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December 12-17, 2014

Friday, December 12
15 miles out and back from Gordon in my new favorite everyday trainers, the Mizuno Wave Rider (6:26/mi.)

Saturday, December 13
18 miles in ten ticks under two hours on the roads from home at 6 am in the adidas adios boost.

Week Total: 97.34

Sunday, December 14
met Scott McGrath and Nate Hausman in Danvers at 6 am for 13 and a half on the rail trails in an hour and 35 minutes

Monday, December 15
for some reason, I decided to go into the woods after three great weeks of training on the roads. I guess I wanted to slow it down a bit, but I was still hoping to put in some significant time on my feet as I train for a possible 50k this winter.

It was about 40 degrees, but there was still some ice in the shady spots in the woods, and I set off at a pretty good pace on the flat trails of Gordon Woods. About three miles in, I came to a sharp right-hand turn on a dirt road and went down really hard, banging my right knee and left elbow badly enough that I was walking around for a couple minutes trying to get the pain under control. There was a thin layer of ice on top of the dirt (basically invisible) and the ground was frozen pretty solid, so it gave me every impression of concrete when I fell on it.

I ditched my iPod after the wipe out, it was beeping at me and telling me "low battery" after the fall anyway and I had a GU in my hand, so I think that prevented me from catching myself a little better. Anyway, here's a couple pics a day later of the damage:

Always a bad idea for me to wear headphones in the woods.

I stuck with it and ran 18 (I think - lost satellite reception just before 16) in a little over two and a half hours. Knee was sore after and still lingering today (Wednesday), but I've been able to run on it without limping.

Tuesday, December 16
Wasn't sure how the knee would be, but it was fine. Also had a meeting cancellation on an otherwise busy day, which allowed me to get out for 10 at 6:30 pace.

Wednesday, December 17
Almost 18 (17.73) on the roads in 1:54:02. Closed pretty hard with a 6:15, 6:14, 6:07, 6:06, 5:58, 5:34 and 5:24 pace for the last .73.

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