Tuesday, December 23, 2014

December 18-23, 2014

Thursday, December 18

15.82 in 1:44:50

Friday, December 19

13.43 in 1:33:03

Saturday, December 20

Heather and I brought the kids into BU for the first mini meet, with both of us entered in the 3000m (first event). I seeded myself at 8:55 and Heather at 11:15. I ended up at the bottom of the first heat, and got to go right at 10:00. Warmup was 8-10 laps around the outside of the track (1.5 miles?). Saw a lot of familiar faces: CMS 'mates Leslie, Mahoney (and family), Dunham, LaPierre, Ryan Collins; plus Scott and Jose from Whirlaway, Doug Deangelis, Greg Englehart.

I started in the barrel along with three other guys, and we were near the back coming off the first turn. I was at the back the first time around in 35s, but it felt quick (in a good way - at the 5k two weeks ago, things started too slowly and I had to work to the front to change that.) I felt appropriately uncomfortable running 35's and came through the first k in 2:57. I worked my way around some folks in the middle k, but slowed to 3:00. The last k, was probably mostly :36's, but I was racing, so not as good with the recall. Closed hard to out kick a fading GBTC guy (thanks to the commentary here, I know he had raced faster in recent weeks). 8:54.44 was my slowest time in a few years for 3k, but I was fine with the outcome, based on the type of training I have been doing the past few weeks.

Heather came in under her seed with an 11:09.

Then she let me get out in the afternoon for an easy 7 to get to 100 miles for the week.

Week Total: 100.24 (second highest week of the year)

Sunday, December 21

14.73 in 1:28:21 (5:59/mi.) out and back around noon; came back pretty hard with a time deadline to meet. Feeling pretty good the day after the 3k.

Monday, December 22

17.25 in 1:52:12 (6:30 pace) before most of my family came to meet up at Gordon. Great dinner with everyone at The Farm in Essex - Plain Jane (fried chicken sandwich with cheddar, bacon and ranch dressing)w/ fries, BBQ Nachos, and 2 Greenhead IPA's.

Tuesday, December 23

9:37 am - set out with my brother, Adam, and good friend Glen Landry for 4-6 easy miles. Adam's knee was acting up right away and he turned back, but Glen and I got in a nice almost seven just under an hour on the roads of Wenham, Beverly, and Hamilton

1:40 pm - former Ipswich runners Greg K. and Kieran K. came by Gordon for 7.6 in 55 minutes
A couple nice holiday reunion runs!

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