Saturday, October 22, 2011

October 16-22, 2011

Week Total: 59.32

Saturday - 10.15

12:30 PM - 10-mile loop felt good; feeling really strong and ready; went to marathon sports in melrose and heather got a pair of 890's w/ gift card coach karen gave us; i tried on some adidas adizero adios that i really liked

Friday - 7.1

5:45 PM - 17:25/2.41 warmup from HWRHS - rockmaple/cutler/1a to car and to track; 3 x mile w/ 791 m rec (4:56.1/3:51; 4:53.8/4:02.5; 4:51.2); then short cooldown before pizza w/ heather and grace (5:59/.73)

Thursday - 7.18

ran around at hw/na meet (54:51)

Wednesday - 10.2

4:32 PM - out and back skinner thru sharon to bradley palmer and out on road and back (4.65/33:50)

4:57 AM - out and back on morning loop w/ add-on through main entrance on way back (5.55/43:17)

Tuesday - 9.01

9.01/57:56 from HWRHS 1a to gardner/sagamore to candlewood to chebacco to belcher almost to end and back (6:36/6:33/6:17/6:28/6:12/6:14/6:29/6:40/6:26) - 6 x 100m strides on track when I got back

Monday - 6.29

ran around appleton at practice w/ hw xc buoys (51:19)

Sunday - 9.39

2.04/14:14 warmup/5-mile race in 26:09/2.35/17:30 cooldown


  1. Pat, Adios are my favorite marathon shoe by FAR. They are actually my favorite shoe ever. I have 3 pair (bought them the last 3 years). I've worn them in track workouts, 5ks - 50ks, and regular training runs. They are perfect.

  2. I wonder if I should try to get 'em before next weekend after that glowing endorsement.

    I definitely want to pick a pair up soon.