Thursday, October 13, 2011

October 2-8, 2011

Week Total: 86.78

Saturday - 6.75

in a slight departure from normal training, i went out and ran up sugarloaf mtn from my parents' condo and ran back down and that was plenty (6.75/1:16:43) - 2600' elevation gain up / 2600' elevation loss down (originally I was intending to do my last 20-miler today, but I wasn't feeling especially motivated to go out for 2+ hours)

Friday - 10.03

5:08 PM - out and back on morning loop out main entrance of asbury grove (6.02/40:48)

5:15 AM - out and back on morning loop (4.01/31:28)

Thursday - 13.2

PM- (9.2/1:01:22) - 2+ mile warmup out rockmaple/cutler and back to hwrhs(15:04); 5 x 1200 (3:45.xx/3:45.81/3:38.65/3:38.01/3:35.40) w/ 800m recoveries (3:40-3:44); 1.5+ mi. cooldown on track (13:02)

5:13 AM - out and back on morning loop w/ no garmin (4/32:03)

Wednesday - 10.56

PM: ran around during hw/masco xc meet (6.06/53:00)

5:10 AM - out and back on morning loop (4.5/34:14)

Tuesday - 13.09

12:48 PM - out and back on morning loop (7.06/48:14) then .48 w/ ben (running) and grace (in stroller) in woods and on roads; ben fell but then got up and kept going

4:54 AM - out and back on morning loop in lightning and some thunder and a little rain and a little more rain at the end (6.03/46:00)

Monday - 9.03

2:20 PM - parked on chebacco rd on way to practice and did out and back chebacco/essex/forest(4.65/33:39)

5:23 AM - very easy and stiff out and back on morning loop (4.38/36:38)

Sunday - 24.12

2:11 PM - Hallelujah! Longest training run of the year. My dad rode his bike alongside me (Fyffe-style) with water and carbs which I took regularly (non-Fyffe-style, about every 3 miles, alternating pieces of stinger waffles and stinger gels/gu chomps) - gave me a good sense of how much i'll need to take in at the marathon  - at least 500 calories; started around my parents' circle then out to asbury to highland to goodhue to waldingfield to 1a to lakemans to fellows to candlewood to chebacco (ipswich) to belcher to story st in essex onto 8k course through center of essex past woodman's (10 miles) toward manchester on western ave/school st/ to pine st/chebacco (hamilton) to essex street to larch row to 1a to perkins to porter/union to asbury to porter ln and around my parents' block twice at the end. Mile splits: (6:36.9; 6:36.8; 6:21.6; 6:31.6; 6:28; 6:22.6; 6:23.9; 6:32.8; 6:22.8; 6:04.4; 6:07.3; 6:13.9; 6:10.5; 6:12.9; 6:21.5; 6:19.9; 6:21.3; 6:24.9; 6:22.6; 6:42.6 (mile 20 when I summarized once a runner for my dad and ended up talking the whole mile); 6:02.8; 6:02.3; 5:50.4; 5:52.4; 35.2 sec for last .12 (5:06.3 pace)

Unbelievable! This was an answered prayer! I've been feeling flat this week (thurs. and sat. especially) and this was just amazing to be able to do this today! Thank you, God! (2:32:04 - 6:18 pace)

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