Thursday, November 20, 2014

Monday, Tuesday, WEDNESDAY

Monday, November 17
cold and rainy, out and back solo from Gordon - grapevine, rubbly, essex (22), chebacco/pine into manchester, turned around on rockwood (11.17/1:14:05)

Tuesday, November 18
just over 7 miles with Nate H. on the roads and thru Gordon woods at a crisp 6:47 pace (7.1/48:13)

Wednesday, November 19
way out and back, probably my longest mid-week run ever; thankful for the freedom to train - got it into my head that I would go out 75 minutes and then come back, without really thinking how far that might be on the roads. (I've run for 2 and a half hours in the woods a couple times recently.) At 9 miles in under an hour, I realized this was going to end up being pretty far. I ran to the rail trail off of rte. 97 in Wenham and kept following it north until I got to an hour and fifteen at about 11.5 miles just over the tops field town line into boxford; then turned around and came back. It was cool (right around freezing) and breezy, but sunny and I felt really good for the most part. At around 20-21 miles, I started getting a little soreness in my right achilles, but I just tried to keep going and not push off too hard without compromising form. In all it was only about 3 miles shy of a marathon (23.17) in 2:29:22. Made me feel reasonably confident that I could pull off a decent road marathon in the near future if I can find one.