Monday, November 17, 2014

Thursday - Sunday (11/13 - 11/16)

Thursday 11/13
7.26 in 49:12 with Nate H. on the roads from Gordon; Grapevine, Rubbly/Woodbury, Bridge, Essex, Rubbly

Friday 11/14
12 miles at 6:30 pace on the roads from Gordon on the eve of DIII NE's; headed to Williamstown at 2:30 pm with the team

Saturday 11/15
5:23 am - with the headlamp on from the Cozy Corner Motel in Williamstown, down Rte. 7 into town, Rte. 2 west to Bee Hill Rd. which became (Bee Hill Rd.) - unpaved, little snow/leaf coverage, about 5 and a half miles to the trail up Berlin Mtn.; up the mountain in an inch or two of snow, got to the top right around sunrise, but was clouded in some light snow; ran down (the wrong way) along the Taconic Crest Trail for a little over a mile, then turned around, back to the summit and down the 33' Trail where I was slipping and siding pretty good on the snow-covered leaves; finally got down and out to the road and back to the motel just before 8 am; continental breakfast, then men (28th) and women (33rd) ran well at tough Williams course. DIII NE just keeps getting better!
(16.75 in 2:27:38 with some good climbing - Mt. Berlin summit is 2818')

Week Total: 81

Sunday 11/16
from home in the afternoon, down to Patton Park; 2 x Gabe's Run 5k course (20:37 and 20:25) with :45 jog from finish to start; then home (8.86 in 59:21)

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