Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Today was the first day that it felt really like winter even though it's not winter yet. I ran a little before 2 pm, which usually is around the warmest part of the day, which wasn't very warm today. I think it was about 25 degrees, but it was pretty gray, and the wind was blowing steady.

I had my warmest winter running pants on and two layers on top. I wore my winter Sugoi mitts and a knit hat that I soon discovered wasn't a tight knit. The wind was blowing right through it, and my crown of hair was insufficient to prevent brain freeze. I only had in mind to do 40 minutes of running, this was the first Wednesday I've run in a few weeks and had it as a scheduled day off the past two. I did an out and back on the same roads I ran yesterday and stayed mostly on the shoulder since the sidewalks are still a mix of cleared and crunchy.

The odd miles (1,3,5) were all 7-ish and the even miles were a bit faster. Not on purpose, but more because of the terrain changes, which aren't drastic.

This run made me think about doing some early morning easy runs again, because I figured it was just as cold as if it were dark, minus a couple times when the sun broke through.

5.55 miles in 38:39.

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