Thursday, January 11, 2018

Feeling better

This stomach bug had me down from Monday - Wednesday, although I did manage a brief  3 mile tour of town yesterday. It was so nice out and I think it did me some good to get some fresh air and move my legs to remind myself that I'm a runner. We had one kid home from school last Thursday, two home Monday, three home Tuesday and two home yesterday, before they all went back today (except the baby).

It was fifty degrees at lunchtime today and I did the 8-mile loop through Wenham at 7:00/mi. and felt much better. With the continued warm and the rain forecast tomorrow and Saturday, there probably won't be much left of the foot-plus of snow we got last Thursday.

Still hoping to get out for some ok miles tomorrow, but not overdo it before the snowshoe race on Saturday. I'm guessing there will still be plenty of snow at Whitaker Woods, although it looks like it might be a rainy raceday.

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