Saturday, January 20, 2018


The rest of the week has gone well, with a chance to do a longer run with Heather today while her parents are in town, and an impromptu workout yesterday and a couple runs with friends.

Tuesday I met up with Nate Hausman and Alex Vlahos at the Gordon College track and we ran a seminary loop on the roads. This was a staple 6-miler for Nate and I when I was coaching at Gordon (2012-2015). From the parking lot where we met it was closer to seven miles.

Wednesday I ran out to Lord's Hill in Wenham again and ran the entire neighborhood which is the shape of a snowman. It was a little snowy on some of the roads, but the temp was above freezing, so the traction wasn't bad. The full snowman is a hilly 2-mile circuit that I made a strava segment and also plans for a workout some time later this winter.

Thursday I met Nate and Al again for the same run as Tuesday. The sidewalks still had a little snow left from Wednesday, so we were mostly in the road.

Friday I went back to Lord's Hill and cranked a 5:49 2nd mile during my warmup on the way over. I was running with music for the first time in a while and didn't realize how much I was pushing. I backed off the last three-quarters of a mile before I got to the neighborhood and then dropped it back down for the neighborhood loop which has a couple big up and downs. I ran both loops right around 12 minutes, with a 2 minute jog recovery in between. Then ran home quick for 10 miles in 62 minutes.

Today, Heather and I went out around noon, planning on a 10-mile loop together. It was warm, but we both still opted for tights because it was cloudy and windy. We added on for 11 at 7:20/mi.

53 miles so far in six days this week.

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