Saturday, July 23, 2011

July 17th-23rd

Week Total: 84 miles (highest week of 2011 so far, probably the most I've run since I was training for Boston in winter 2007)

Saturday - 10+

5:50 am - 10.24 in 1:09:08; feeling a little better (cooler this morning), but still a little sluggish - pray that tomorrow is better...

Friday - 12

5:12 am - 12.08 in 1:25:13; went in to work late and got in some miles before it got too hot...started around 7:30's and finished in 6:40's-6:50's; feeling a little better, but still some lingering soreness (from Sunday and Wednesday am?); hoping to go for 20 again this weekend.

Thursday - 8

took the afternoon off from running - mid '90's

5:20 am - couldn't get Garmin to work, so I left without it and didn't feel any pressure to maintain pace; just wanted to make sure my achilles was all right, so I just plugged along for 8 miles in 62 minutes, very humid and warm already...maybe take this afternoon off...

Wednesday - 13.87

4:20 PM - 4.09/27:14; tried to do some form running and some stretching for achilles, didn't feel bad while I ran, got tight afterwards - I know I need to be doing some faster running, but I don't think 5 am is the time for it...

5:15 AM left the house not sure if I was going to head to the track or not; ran 3.2 to HW track and did 2-miles in 11:12 w/ 400m recovery then 1-mile in 5:12; wanted to do more, but needed to get home and left achilles a little tight - 3.3 home 9.78 total

Tuesday - 13.16

4:15 PM from pingree park out and back union, asbury, 1a - 6.14 in 38:34 (6:17/mi.)

5:23 AM out and back highland/1a/larch - 7.02 in 51:01

Monday - 14.18

3:45 PM not quite as easy out and back highland - 6.11 in 41:39

5:15 AM easy out and back hamilton/wenham/beverly by airport - 8.07 in 58:04

Sunday - 12.5

Stowe 8-mile road race (43:29.5 - 5:26/mi.; 21st/919); 2.2 before with Heather, 2.3 after with Heather