Sunday, July 24, 2011

July 24 - 30, 2011

Week Total: 100

Saturday - 15.45

AM - 2.5 warmup in Carver w/ CMS men; 5M race in 26:05 (14th, 3rd CMS); 5+ after w/ Pawlicki, Pipp, Hammett and then Heather

PM - 3 easy to get 100 for the week; Ben rode his bike and I pushed Grace in the jogging stroller for part.

Friday - 8 plus

AM - 5:18 (before work) same loop as yesterday morning but a little slower; taking afternoon off and resting for carver tomorrow, hoping for good things, beginning with getting off to a good start and a good fast first mile; hopefully get a chance to see the course a little beforehand.

Thursday - 12 (plus a little)

PM - 4:40 (from home) a little more than 4 miles pretty slowly with my ipod; out and back on asbury street toward bradley palmer state park

AM - 5:20 (before work) a little over 8 miles; highland to center of wenham, down cherry st to cedar st to 97 south into beverly, conant to 1a back to wenham and home, 6:55 pace

Wednesday - 12 (almost)

PM - 4:15 (from work) Cutler loop to home - 5.82 in 36:23 (6:52/6:21/6:09/6:08/6:04/4:49 for .82 - overall 6:15 pace)

AM - 5:20 (before work) out and back very easy 6.06 barely under 8 minute pace; abs sore from running hard yesterday

Tuesday - 18 (I think this Sunday-Monday-Tuesday is my highest three-day total ever)

PM - 4:00 (from work) 2.37 mi. to HW track; 5 x 1-mile T w/ Greg K. and Alex V. (5:15/5:20/5:17/5:17/5:12) w/ 200m recoveries (~1 min.); 3 miles home; would have liked to have run the last one a little bit faster, but overall pleased with workout - much better than the same thing early in the morning last week and the week before (11.04 total in 1:09:58)

AM - 5:30 (before work) 7.02 in 51:22; Cutler loop

Monday - 13.4

PM - 4:15 (after work) 7.37 in 51:13 from Pingree Park on roads; legs are tired from increased workload/yesterday

AM - 5:30 (before work) 6.03 in 45:30 out and back highland/cherry/cedar/97

Sunday - 21

Went for it after church (10:00) and wasn't really sure what to expect. I felt okay early and there were some nice autumn-ish breezes, which were very welcome after the last three days of 90-100 degree heat. Started around 6:40's for the first few miles and mostly was clicking off 6:20's pretty easily.

Compared to my first 20-miler (this summer) a couple of weeks ago, this was much better. I'm not sure if it was the lower humidity, the time of day (a little later and after breakfast) or a better dinner the night before, but the end didn't drag and I felt like I could pick it up if I needed to.

I'm thankful my wife gave me 2+ hours to do this while she took care of our kids and taught Sunday School. I'm still not sure if this is all building for Cape Cod or some other marathon, but it feels like the right thing to do...

The details:

21.05 in 2:16:32 through Ipswich, Essex, Manchester, Beverly, Wenham, and Hamilton. A few hills, mostly quiet secondary roads. Nice shade, some cool breezes. Slowest mile: 6:52 (1st), fastest mile: 6:17 (18th). Thank you, God!

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