Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 31-August 6, 2011

Week Total: 101.9 miles (unbelievable - every run was a gift from God!)

Saturday - 17.08 (Texas Day 3)

AM - (5:11 am CST) it really is a dry heat; i don't really sweat like i do in the massachusetts humidity; feeling really good - 6:56 pace

Friday - 12.6 (Texas Day 2)

AM - (5:24 am CST) heather's brother, andrew joined me and i was a little braver on dark texas backroads than i would have been by myself; 7:32 pace

Thursday - 16.05 (Texas Day 1)

AM - (5:20 am CST) 6:55 pace, felt warm at first, 85 degrees before dawn, got done as sun was just coming up, felt good

Wednesday - 6.06

AM - (5:05) before leaving for texas; easy, 8:00 pace

Tuesday - 20.57

PM - (5:30) 3.19 warmup w/ heather, greg k. + dakota rees; 10-mile race in 53:34 (best time ever at Newburyport, 2nd fastest 10-mile ever - 1st was 53:19 at Harvard in October '06) - splits - 5:14/5:19/5:27/5:10/5:30/5:34/5:29/5:20/5:16/5:10; 3.25 cooldown w/ heather and greg k.

AM - (5:30) before work - 4.13 easy, 8:00+ pace

Monday - 15.26

PM - (4:15) after work; 6.3 w/ greg k. from pingree park @ 7:25 pace

AM - (5:15) before work; same loop as last Thrus./Fri. except came back a little longer way (8.96 mi. @ 7:08 pace)

Sunday - 14.25

AM - (6:30) started slowly (7:22 first mile) and gradually picked up the pace (6:46/6:57/6:44/6:28/6:37/6:27/6:25), then stayed under 6:20's for the last 6.25 (6:15/6:17/6:19/6:13/6:10/6:05), last .28 in 1:44. Felt pretty good the morning after a considerable effort yesterday.
Probably will try to get in some miles tomorrow, even with the 10-miler on Tuesday - Wednesday morning we leave for Granbury, TX (vacation at Heather's grandparents). Here is the forecast for the week we will be there:

Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue
3-Aug 4-Aug 5-Aug 6-Aug 7-Aug 8-Aug 9-Aug
Sunny Sunny Sunny Sunny Sunny Sunny Sunny
110 109 109 108 107 107 107
85 83 83 82 82 82 82

We'll probably try to do most of our running before sunrise which is 6:45 AM.
At least it's going to be sunny. And there's sort of a cooling trend toward the end of the week.
The other crazy thing is the humidity, or lack of, I guess is more accurate: this morning at 7 am in Granbury it was 82 degrees and only about 40% humidity, which is about as low as it gets around here at mid-day. In the middle of the day in Texas, the humidity was around 20%. We'll see if the "dry heat" makes any difference.
Heather's parents will be there with us, and we generally have quite a bit of time to ourselves when Grammy and Grampy Jersey get to see Ben and Grace; we've been out there the past four years at various times from late May to late August and have usually found some time to run.

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