Wednesday, May 28, 2014

4 days straight = second honeymoon

With Heather's parents in town for the long weekend, we were able to enjoy each other's company on the roads more than we have since before Ben was born (9/2006).

Friday we had the Melody Miles course preview together; Saturday was the race plus a warmup and longer cooldown.

Sunday we weren't sure what we'd have time for, but after church and Panera, we headed out toward the Danvers/Topsfield rail trail and ended up doing a nice figure eight on the roads and rail trail for almost eleven miles at a conversational pace.(10.69 in 1:19:23)

Monday Ben marched in the Memorial Day parade with the cub scouts, and we were on our feet all morning. Last minute, Heather and I decided to run, after I had already resigned myself to the idea of a day off. We ran the 7-mile Cutler loop from home for our fourth day in a row of running, which I don't think has happened in the last seven years of married, child-rearing life. Hopefully, this was a foretaste of future days, when sore back and stiff legs aside, we'll have all the time we want to share the roads together.

Yesterday I didn't get out until mid-afternoon, but when I did, I felt some spring in my step. After a 6:50 opening mile, I brought it down to 6:14, 6:11, 6:25, then stayed at 6:00 or faster for the last eight. Last mile of 12 was a 5:21 for a total of 12.05 in 1:12:48.

Feeling good and rejuvenated after all that time enjoying running again with my lovely wife.

Today, the woods?

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