Friday, May 16, 2014

mid-May update

So a few points of good news in the last week:

the Backshore 5-mile in Gloucester went as well as I could have hoped. I ran 25:56, which I will definitely take given my recent training. Teammate Dan Vassallo was way up on me in 24:52. I was five seconds behind him at the mile, 20 seconds back at 2 miles, etc...

Heather ran a 5-mile PR of 31:31 and was 7th or 8th woman overall. Some pretty fast times for a YMCA race, with (I think) 6 women under 30:00.

Alex Vlahos (future CMS-er and recent Providence College, then Merrimack College grad) posted up in 27:09 for a nice 5-Mile road debut.

Alex and I got in 8 on Saturday morning after the race, easy at 7:35/mi. pace.

Sunday I did 12 and a half home from church at 6:36/mi. pace on the roads.

Sunday night Ben, Grace and I camped in the yard for the first time this spring. Overnight low around 50 kept it pretty comfy in the tent. I got out a little after 6 am on Monday for 6.5 at 6:30 pace. Then the whole family (Heather, Ben, Grace, Emma, my mom and dad and I) drove up to hike Mt. Major. I had Emma in the backpack and we took the Boulder Loop Trail up and came down the Mt. Major Trail. It was a beautiful, warm spring day but I was still surprised how many people were up there on a Monday. My shoulders and back were killing me from the pack, but the next day I was feeling fine.

Tuesday I got in a little less than 9 miles at 6:40 pace during my lunch break.

Wednesday, my last run with Nate for the spring was the seminary loop - 6 miles at 7:08 pace.

Yesterday I did 9 early just under 7 minute pace on the roads, then headed out to RPI (Troy, NY) to watch Gordon hammer thrower Zak Flowers compete. On the way, I stopped at the Beartown State Forest in Monterey, MA and did 5 miles on the old Beartown Road and the Appalachian Trail.

Zak ended up 11th at ECAC's with a season-best throw of 49.76m (163' 3"). We drove back to Gordon last night.

Today I ran up to the track and did 50 laps. The first 10k was 41:24, the second was 37:59.

61 miles so far this week (including Sunday) with one day left. Also, ten days straight. Hoping to keep the momentum!

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