Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday (I'm in love)

As promised, I met Heather for a nice preview of tomorrow's Melody Miles course. With my in-laws in town, it affords us a rare opportunity to take our time, talk and even just enjoy the silence together.I met Heather about 3/4 of a mile in on grapevine road, we ran another mile together to the course and then ran the full, rolling loop then back to her car and I finished up back to the office at Gordon. 8.74 in 1:05:19.

We celebrate 10 years of marriage this August, God willing, and tomorrow get to race together in the am, then go to watch my best childhood friend get married in the evening. I'm a blessed man!

Women's course record for Melody Miles is 31:09; men's is 26:04, set last year by Dan V. (the younger). We will see tomorrow how close each of us can come to those marks. 31:09 is better than Heather's recent PR that she ran at Backshore (31:31) on a faster course. The fastest I've ever run at Melody Miles was 27:13 in 2006. I went back and ran 27:30 in 2012 for some reason; I think I ate breakfast to close to the start time. I'm hoping to make a significant improvement on that. Don't know if Dan plans to return to defend his title.

One Halloween (1995 or 1996), when I was in college (at U of Michigan), I dressed up as Robert Smith, lead singer from the Cure. One girl at a Halloween party kept telling me she was going to fix me up with one of her gay guy friends.

I don't have the hair for it now(I know, it's a constant joke), but I think the closest I've come to re-creating the look was 2006 at New Bedford when I got fixed up with Joe Shairs. In the picture below, I think I'm imagining how much it would freak Joe out if I started singing, "Boys Don't Cry". I outkicked him in 2006 (1:12:38 to 1:12:41), but he got his revenge in 2007, 1:12:00 to 1:12:12.

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