Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (5/19-21)

I'm starting to get into some good training habits again, now that the school year is over. I am thinking about how and if I can run fast again this summer and take a shot at some PR's at a variety of distances. One way is to run distances I have never raced before or haven't raced much, like the 15k in Burlington on August 31. But, ultimately, I'm going to have to find a way to train hard, run a lot and stay healthy.

This week I have been working on getting out and getting a little more running in each day than I have been accustomed to so far this year.

Monday I did 12.15 in 1:24:53 (6:59/mi.) on the roads from Gordon. Feeling the weekend a little in my left achilles and plantar.

Yesterday (Tuesday) I broke it up into two runs, with 5 in the morning (6:40 am) out and back on the roads at 7:10/mi. In the afternoon I did an extended seminary loop, coming back Grapevine Rd. (6.46 in 44:59). Achilles still bothering me. Ice in my office and Aleve when I got home.

Today (Wed.) I waited until the afternoon and headed into the woods. I haven't wanted to get on the trails much lately because I've been craving mileage, but today I was craving soft surfaces. I had a nice time on some old familiar routes through Gordon Woods, Manchester-Essex Woods and Chebacco Woods. Achilles/shin seemed to appreciate the variety. 12.13 miles in 1:37:10.

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