Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thursday (coming around)

Today was one of those days that two or three weeks ago I probably wouldn't have run. I'm a little banged up/sore, I've already gotten some pretty decent mileage in for the week and I have a race in two days so no workout planned. Instead of resting on my laurels, I went out without much of a plan (6 or 8 or 10) and got back on the roads. I wasn't setting any land speed records like Eric Coutoure, just gently covering some ground. As gently as a 165-pound runner is able to, anyway. I ran a familiar route from Gordon down Hull St. to Old Standley over 128 onto the Beverly Homecoming 5k course out to 127 through Endicott College. I turned around at St. Margaret's Church in Beverly Farms (5.4 miles) and added on a little on the way back to get 11. (11.16 in 1:17:49) Picked up the pace to sub-6:30's for the last couple. Achilles pain is melting away. Plan for tomorrow is to run the Melody Miles course with Heather in the morning and likely take the afternoon off.

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