Wednesday, May 7, 2014

3.5 lame excuses for why i havent been running as much as i should

#1 - too busy
everyone is busy, i know, so this is really lame, and thats why its #1. it is probably more of an excuse for me to share some of the things that have been going on in my life apart from running with the intent of evoking pity or jealousy from my readers. it sounds pretty self-serving, but keep in mind this is coming from a guy who keeps a blog, so draw your own conclusions
anyway, what i've been busy with is mostly work, which is fun and difficult at the same time. we had a historically good showing at diii new englands with one thrower all-ne in disc and hammer and four relays performing very well against the competition. also 58.88 for our top woman in the 400, so things are coming along. in the meantime i have had to make some challenging personnel changes and that has drained me like a two-hour trail run.
family life is busy with ben getting going with little league, and continuing with cub scouts, swimming lessons and wednesday night "rocks" at church. our dog bear is great but getting him walked in the morning and evening makes it that much harder to get out the door for 30-45 minutes on the roads.
overall, i'm glad to be busy; it makes my work more meaningful, but also more challenging. i'll take it over the alternative of being bored.

#2 - my foot still hurts
this is really weak, since a couple posts ago i claimed that rest wasnt good for plantar fasciitis, and i know i should be training and treating. i ran 9 miles on monday and felt good, but monday night and all day yesterday i was limping around because my left heel is all inflamed.

#3 - lazy/despondent
for whatever reason, probably because the top 2 have already been limiting me, i have not had the desire to get out as often as i can. even reading about jj's impressive double this past weekend was barely enough to get me jazzed up to train. Now that this is finally up, I should be able to stay fired up for the summer:

#3.5 - pollen
no lame excuses list is complete without something weather-related

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