Thursday, May 2, 2013

15 miles in 1:35

out on the roads in the adios from Gordon down Grapevine, joined by Andrew S., my top xc runner this fall, for about 3/4 mile, (first mile around 7:00) to Rubbly to Essex (2 miles in 13:25) to Miles River Rd. to Bridge St. (3 mi. in 19:54) to 1A to Cutler Rd. (4 mi. in 26:18; 5 mi. in 32:40) to Asbury to Goodhue to Waldingfield (6 mi. in 38:59) to 1A to Lakeman's to Fellows to (10 mi. in 1:04:05) Sagamore (11 mi. 6:16) to Bridge (12 mi. 6:14) to Essex (13 mi. 6:04) to Rubbly (14 mi. 6:02) to Grapevine(Last mile probably sub-6:00). Lost satellite near the end, but I know it was a little over 15 total. Felt good for the second longer run this week, fresher than I've felt in a few days...

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