Friday, May 10, 2013

Backshore 5-mile

warmed up with Nate from his house in Gloucester, about a mile and three quarters. Saw a bunch of familiar faces, including my dad on the way to the starting line. Perfect night to run with temps in the 60s and cool breeze along the ocean. Didn't feel amazing before the start and stayed behind a row of people as the gun went off. Talked to Jordan Kinley, who I know has a 2:25 marathon to his credit and he mentioned that he was running Burlington Vermont City in a few weeks. Said he is hoping for 2:28, 2:27 and is able to hold 5:25-5:35 for a long time, but can't go much faster than 5:20's.

After a little bit conservative start (for about 150m), moved out and around and up to the front by the half-mile mark. Went through mile one in 5:01 feeling good. Mile 2 was 5:09 and I could still hear someone behind me, probably Jordan. Mile 3 was my slowest with a couple little climbs and some turns - 5:16. Mile 4 tried to press a little, but wasn't feeling the best - 5:03. Last mile 5:05 for 25:34 gun time. Jordan 2nd in 26:00.

Larissa Park of Somerville Road Runners 4th overall in 27:34!

Nate broke 30:00 (first time since college XC?) with a 29:58. My dad ran 38:30 which he was pleased with. Andrew K. a nice 28:17!

Back to Nate's the long way (1.9 miles) for cooldown. Then enjoyed sausages, chicken and veggies on the grill with friends. Heather came over for the after-race!

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