Thursday, May 9, 2013

mathematical mind games (predicting tomorrow's race performance)

headed out for an easy 4-mile hull street loop, just keeping in mind that I want to race well tomorrow night.

After two-miles, I started playing around with my pace today and my pace tomorrow and imagined that the closer I was to 7:00/mi. pace today I was, the closer I would be to 5:00 pace tomorrow. At 2 mile, I was 13:45, so that translated to 10:15 for 2 miles tomorrow.

Mile 3 was 19:36 for 15:24.

Mile 4 was 27:27 for 20:33. Makes sense?

If I'm at 20:33 with a mile to go tomorrow (hoping to be a little quicker than that), I will see how close to 5:00 I can finish in. 25:33 would be an "A-" tomorrow night. Wondering if I can get close to 25:17 (that would be the "A" grade) or even 24:59 (A+).

This is what goes on in my head when I am not running fast enough or far enough.

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