Friday, May 24, 2013

Vacation week

Sunday night I had ambitious notions of a week of two a days, but a week at home wound up being busier than a week at work. Emma's first birthday Tuesday, Grace's 4th birthday yesterday. Family arriving for a visit today. It was all I could do to drag myself out there once a day, and I didn't even do that Monday. Did get a nice hike around Appleton Farms on Monday afternoon with the whole family, Emma in the backpack. Tuesday, Ben, Grace and I explored the woods/swamp behind our house for a half an hour or so.

Tuesday - 5.94 in 46:09; ran the Ipswich XC course from IHS w/ Kieran, Alex and Mike. Out Linebrook and back on High St.

Wednesday - 8.92 in 58:30 on the roads - Asbury to 1a north to Waldingfield/Goodhue to Highland and home.

Thursday - 7.01 in 46:06 on roads. Cutler loop from home.

Friday - 6.15 in 44:32 on roads and in woods; about 75% on the trails around and in Bradley Palmer.

Still feeling a little tired from:
race effort Saturday?
lyme disease?

Hoping to go long tomorrow AM...

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