Tuesday, June 4, 2013

13 x 400

Beautiful temps, sunny, breezy and I am in need of a tune-up after some lazy weeks and two big races coming up next week (Hollis and Mt. Washington). Today was the Hollis workout: 13 x 400 w/ full (400m walk/jog) recoveries.

2.31/17:04 warmup; 13 x 400 (66.54/67.42/69.5/67.55/65.78/67.15/66.62/67.45/70.37/68.51/66.85/68.23/65.50); 2.37/16:42 cooldown.

Total time for 5200m = 14:37.5 (goal for Hollis?)

I would love 14:48 and/or top 10 at Hollis to show CMS that I still care.

Mt. Washington goal is still sub-1:10. It would be nice to be a scoring member of the CMS team there, too.

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