Monday, June 24, 2013

New Jersey report

Headed down to my inlaws on Thursday morning for some time with my wife's family. I got out early on Thursday for 8 miles before we left. Dropped our friend Aaron off in Nyack on the way down so he could propose to his girlfriend (she said yes!), and arrived in the middle of the afternoon.

My wife's parents live on the side of a pretty big mountain, and the end of their driveway is about half way up it, so every time you head out for a run, you have to decide if you want to start out uphill or start out downhill.

Friday morning Heather and I headed uphill at the start for a 9:02 first mile en route to 9 miles at 7:45 pace.

Saturday I did a hilly 17 and a half miles with Heather's brother Andrew in just over 2 hours. Longest run in a while.

Sunday I did the same 9-mile loop that Heather and I did on Friday in a little over an hour.

Today (Monday) I did 9 out and back in the midday heat in just under an hour.

Good week last week - close to 78 miles, which is my most since January. The 17+ on Saturday was my longest run since February or March.

Next races are likely to be Carver and Newburyport in late July. Hope to get a couple good track workouts in beforehand.

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