Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hollis fast 5k

Leg one of the downhill-uphill weekend is complete.

Drove up to Hollis with Heather. Left around 3:30 and arrived at the parking area by 5:00. Picked up our numbers, well, we were issued new numbers because they had given ours to someone else, used the bathroom and boarded the bus to the start.

Talked with teammate Scott Leslie on the bus ride over. Warmed up with Heather, plus Sam and Abbey Wood. Sam had run the course before and thought it might be 30 seconds to a minute faster than a normal course. Did some light strides and headed to the start area. Talked with Dan Vassallo and got ready for the gun. Weather was perfect, cool, overcast, drizzly.

The gun went off and everyone took off hard for the first quarter mile. The men's start made a quick right turn and then the women joined up with us on the left. I couldn't believe how many women were ahead of me when we all came together. I felt like I was running beyond my fitness level, in a bad way, but eventually I got into a rhythm and tried to make up ground. I could see Dan, Scott and Chris Mahoney just ahead of me.

Came through the mile in 4:48, which is fast for me for a 5k, but not as fast as I had hoped for tonight. The women's leader, Erica Jesseman was at least 5 seconds up on me at this point. I saw a few WMDP singlets and caught a couple plus some others. After my limited recent involvement in the Grand Prix, there aren't as many familiar faces around. Although I did exchange a quick hi with Matt Clark somewhere out there.

Right around two miles I caught the first woman, and came through 2 in 9:41 for a 4:53 second mile. I appreciated  the "mile to go" sign at 10:07. ".75 to go" at 11:19, ".5 to go" at 12:33. Closed with a 2:24 for the final half-mile which meant I was able to maintain when the course flattened out. Passed a couple guys including Brandon Newbould in the last mile. Ended up 4th CMS in 14:57. Dan 14:40? Scott 14:49, Chris 14:50. Preliminary results had CMS men's open in 2nd to BAA.

Heather ran 18:12. 41 seconds faster than her best road 5k, and was pleased with the effort and ended up third CMS woman.

We cooled down with Sam, Abbey, and Chris for a couple miles then headed home.

Stopped at Chipotle for chicken burritos and chips. Just about perfect. The kids went to bed for Grammie and Grampie, so that means we can try this again some time soon.

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