Monday, June 3, 2013

If there's one thing this last week has taught me, it's better to have running shoes and not need them than to need running shoes and not have them.

This morning I didn't plan to run and it looked like rain all day on the forecast, but I packed my running bag anyway. Had a productive morning and early PM, so I decided to get out and found it much brighter than I expected. Ran a couple loops in the woods and found a nice 1.42 mi. loop that I'd like to include for our men's and women's courses around Coy Pond plus measured our normal loop at 1.25 mi. Both will be nice to use for longer intervals this fall with the team. 4.72 in 31:47

Yesterday traveled back from the Adirondacks. No run. Wild weather all the way through Middlebury back to 89. Downed trees on route 125. Had to pull over a couple times until the rain wasn't blinding. Some hail. Impressive.

Saturday climbed the 2 easiest 4000 footers in the Adirondacks; Cascade and Porter. Under an hour to the summit of Cascade, working pretty hard with a pack on. Nate H. pushed the pace on the way up. Dried out in the sun and wind, had some lunch, headed down, over to Porter, then back to the car. Started just before 11 and were back by a little after 2:30. Dinner in Lake Placid was great. No run.

Friday ran in the morning with Nate and the 70 or so Gordon students who were finishing their May La Vida trip. 8.78 in 59:12. Spent the rest of the day with the family: partial climb of little Mt. Jo, then to the beach at Lake Colby.

Thursday travelled to the ADK's. No run. Beautiful ride on route 4 through VT. Quechee, Woodstock, Killington, Rutland and beyond. Appreciated the change of scenery in VT and NY.

Wednesday ran in the woods at Gordon w/ Al and Kieran. 6.18 in 50:19.

Tuesday ran in the woods at Gordon w/ Al. 5.61 in 45:09.

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