Friday, June 7, 2013

dodging rain drops

Tuesday I decided would be my Hollis workout and today was Mt. Washington prep. Headed out into light rain at 11:55 am. Nice temps in the upper 50's. I had sixes in the back of my mind but wasn't sure after being pretty sore yesterday from Tuesday's workout. Definitely felt it a little in the quads starting out, but not enough to hamper the effort. Came through the first mile in 6:14, feeling good, trusting that the pace would quicken. Mile 2 was a 5:55, for 12:09 total. Mile 3 has a long down hill down Miles River Road in Hamilton, then Mile 4 is flat out to 1A and onto Cutler Road. Cutler road rolls and turns a little bit for a little over 2 miles. 5 Mile split was 30:05. Mile 6 was a 6:05, which would be my slowest the rest of the way. 7-13 are pretty rolling, so staying right around 6:00's was deliberate, but relaxed. 10 mile split was 60:01. Finished up the last flat mile back to Gordon with a 5:49 for a total of 1:29:53 for 15.01.

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