Saturday, April 13, 2013

Chase the Gorilla 5k

8:20 am - 2 mile warmup with Nate H. on the first mile of the course.

I saw Jordan Kinley and Pete Asaro who I knew would both be capable of mid-low 15's. Then I saw Jordan changed into his Karhu bear suit, and realized he might not be in contention today.

Went out hard for the (slight) uphill first half-mile and came through one in 4:56. My Garmin beeped just beyond the mark. Mile 2 was 10:08, but I think the one-mile was just a few seconds short, because it didn't seem that I had slowed too much. I took a quick glance back just after two miles (which I never do in a race) and caught sight of Pete only about 30m back. I knew if he was that close with a quarter mile to go, he would catch me no problem, so I tried to keep the foot on the gas for the last 1.1. Ended up closing in 5:27 for the last 1.1, which brought me in at 15:35, comfortably under my goal of 15:40. Pete finished second in 16:01. Cooled down on the course with my dad (who had showed up at 9:15, thinking the race started at 10) and Nate.

Finish line shot:


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