Sunday, April 28, 2013

Past week of life and training

Sunday April 28

Beautiful day!

Up at 5:30 am with Grace to start fire in the yard to cook hotdogs and marshmallows for breakfast. Ben got up a little past 7:00 and joined us by the fire. Guests arrived for second breakfast at 8:30, then caravanned (sp?) to church and Panera afterwards.

After Panera, ran 7 miles at 6:38 pace (recovery?) and had some thoughts:

and then I deleted them, because they didn't sound as insightful this afternoon in print as they seemed in my head on the run earlier.

Saturday April 27

10 miles at 6:08 pace after the Commonwealth Coast Conference meet, where my team made me proud. Ran inspired, but tired.

Camp-out number two of the year in the backyard with Ben and Grace. Not quite as cold as the first night out, but still got below forty. Didn't hear as many coyotes as before, but some nice "who-cooks-for-you-all" from a barred owl just before dawn.

Friday April 26

9.66 at 7:01 pace with Nate on the roads. I was a little sore from going out hard yesterday.

Thursday April 25

almost 8.5 miles, mostly woods; took a dive into a swamp I thought I could jump across; came back to my office half-covered in swamp muck. Made for some good conversations.

Wednesday April 24

Attended "Pop" Brackmann's funeral in West Caldwell, NJ. Nice tribute to a man with a great legacy. Heather and her bro sang "Amazing Grace" beautifully. Heather, Andrew and their Dad all spoke.

Tuesday April 23

5.73 with Heather at 7:16 pace on hilly roads from Mom and Dad Brackmann's in Long Valley, NJ.

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